Aries Monthly Career Horoscope

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The focus is on you this month, Aries native. You shine in the spotlight because all eyes are on you. This is when you want to showcase your abilities. On April 3, Mercury goes into your own sign and you might receive some recognition from business colleagues or important customers.

The eleventh brings the new moon in Aries, signaling a new beginning. This is a great time to launch your own business. You could preview your new website or show a debut product to a few friends. With this energy, you can spot issues quickly and correct them before you show your creation to a wider audience.

Mars in Gemini trines Jupiter in Aquarius and your house of money derived from your career on April 16. This is a good time to ask for a raise or negotiate a salary with a prospective new employer.

The full moon on the twenty-sixth lights up Scorpio and your house of resources. Check in with your HR department to maximize your 401(k) or make a company stock purchase. This is also an excellent time to get funding for your business through the SBA or a local bank.

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