Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

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The sun is in earth sign Capricorn at the start of January, which means taking a little more responsibility when it comes to your love life. You’re quick to blame other people for the situation you’re in, but is it possible you should take some of the responsibility? Own your mistakes, Aries.

Spontaneous Mars, your ruler, leaves your fiery sign and partners with patient Taurus on January 6, helping you wait for someone to respond to your advances. You’d normally blow up your crush’s phone, flood their DMs, or troll their social media accounts, but this energy makes you a lot less aggressive than usual. Which is a good thing now.

When the sun leaves strict Capricorn for more rebellious Aquarius on the nineteenth, you feel a lot more at ease. Now that you can totally be yourself, what will be your next move? Remember that while it’s nice not to have to worry about what other people think, it’s still important to make a good impression while you’re playing the dating game.

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