Aries 2019 Love Horoscope

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Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year, Aries. The status quo will tend to prevail. Singles will tend to remain single and married people will remain in their existing relationships. The Cosmos gives you a lot of latitude in this area.

It pushes you neither one way nor another. You can make what you will of your love life. The issue is more lack of interest than lack of opportunity. You seem more interested in love affairs, or uncommitted friendships rather than serious romance. With Jupiter still in your own Sign until mid-February, you are feeling your oats, glowing in the knowledge that there are many fish in the sea and a superabundance of opportunities.

Those of you involved in love affairs outside of marriage will experience disruptions in these things - perhaps crises -as the Lunar Eclipse of 21st January and Solar Eclipse of 30th July bring up hidden flaws, fallacies and misconceptions in these areas.

Strong, stable affairs will get better, but weak ones will disintegrate. For singles uninvolved in a love affair, the Eclipses can bring opportunity - and shake up your life while they're at it. Love can be very disruptive.

Of all your social Houses, it is the 11th House of Friendship and Group Activities that is the strongest. New and interesting friends come into the picture. These are not run of the mill types either. They are brilliant, some even geniuses, spiritual and creative.

They will stimulate areas of yourself that you didn't know you had. More importantly, this change emphasizes an area that many of you are weak in. Aries is a sign of independence, action and doing. But the llth House is an area that deals with group activities and communion of the mind rather than physical activity. Thus you are in a cycle where you can learn the joys of associating with people of like mind, and of working as part of a team rather than solo.

Children of marriageable age are experiencing stormy love lives this year. Married people can get divorced and singles can marry. The highs and lows of love are unusually extreme.

There are wedding bells in store for grandchildren of marriageable age - but love needs first to be tested.

The marriage and social lives of your parents are undergoing radical and long-term changes. Crisis will only make strong relationships stronger.

The marriage of a sibling - the eldest - gets severely tested this year.

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