Aries 2018 Love Horoscope

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This is shaping up to be a banner love and social year. Both romance and friendships are blooming. First off, Venus, your Love Planet, will make one of her rare (every two years or so) retrogrades (May 17 to June 29). This means that a current relationship, or your current love life in general, is getting re-evaluated. A good thing, too. We need to review our relationships every two years or so.
In many cases, a current love – perhaps even a marriage – will dissolve. It will not be able to stand up to the scrutiny of your review. Some relationships will survive, some will not. Those who are not in a relationship will be reviewing their needs and desires in love – getting clear about what they really want.
This will clear the decks for Jupiter’s beautiful transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage beginning September 25. Singles will meet significant others and marriage or quasi- marriage is likely. Marrieds will have more romance in their relationship, will attract new friends, will attend more weddings and parties, and will probably travel more as a couple.
The most active and good social period will begin slightly before Jupiter’s move into your 7th House – on September 22. This is when the Sun will enter the House of Marriage. Then, Jupiter on the 25th and Mars (your ruling Planet) on the 26th. Like the classic Aries, you’re not waiting around for the phone to ring. You are out there letting people know you’re available or letting those who attract you know how you feel. You are the aggressor in love. This will be a period of intense social activity and it looks very good.
Whether you are working on your first, second or even third marriage, all of you Aries have wonderful aspects and opportunities. All the relationships seem to be with glamour people – wealthy, educated, refined and lovers of travel. Those working towards a third marriage will meet someone more spiritual and creative. Wealth in and of itself is not such a big factor for you.
Though there is much happiness in love this year, the road is not completely smooth. A Solar Eclipse on October 14 will test your current love. In some cases, the love could be a false start – merely a cosmic shot across the bows, preparing you for something even better in the future. Your social aspects are strong well into next year, and sometimes people need preparation before they meet real love. In most cases, the eclipse will just clear the air of misunderstandings and hesitancy.
It forces the relationship either forward or breaks it off. It forces decisions.
The love life of a child of marriageable age is becoming much more stable than it has been. There is a serious relationship – with a glamorous person – and it could lead to marriage – either this year or next year.
Grandchildren of marriageable age need to be patient this year. The status quo will probably prevail.
The main challenge to love this year is the family obligations mentioned earlier. Somehow you have to balance these with your social urges. Gaining the approval of a parent could present a problem. Guilt over spending so much time socializing could present another. But true love will prevail.

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Aries 2018 Love Horoscope
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