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Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year Aries. Thus there is much social freedom now. You have the power to shape this area as you will without too much interference.

Yet, in spite of the lack of interest in serious romance, other signals in the Horoscope are pointing to romance. Venus, your Love Planet, makes an unusual four-month transit in your own Sign from February 2nd to June 6th.

When you consider that a typical Venus transit lasts about a month, this four-month stint in your Sign is very significant. For singles it shows many things. Romance is pursuing you in spite of your lack of interest. You get your way in love this period.

Your romantic partner is likely to move in with you. Marriage opportunities exist, but the ball is in your court. Your lover is going out of his or her way to please you. You are unusually attractive and your sense of style has never been stronger. You dress and accessorize beautifully.

An empty 7th House usually shows that the status quo prevails in love. Singles tend to stay single and marrieds tend to stay married. But here we have a four-month ‘window of opportunity’ – what will you do with it?

For married people this Venus transit shows that the spouse is more eager to please. You are calling the shots. The romantic aspects of your current relationship get stronger.

For those of you working towards a second marriage, this Venus transit is also bringing opportunity, but love will get tested after April 20th. Not a smooth road.

Those of you working towards a third marriage have much opportunity and a much smoother ride. A wedding (if you want it) is likely this year – especially after April 20th.

Like last year, you show more interest in friendships and platonic relationships than in romance. Romance, with its serious commitments and expectations, can be painful and stifling for you. Friendship allows more freedom and space.

You are always your own person. This area of life has been expanding in the past year and will continue to expand this year. New, long-term and significant friendships are being made.

Some are with people of high status and social position. Others are going to be instrumental in furthering your career goals.

Those of you with children of marriageable age will see more stability in their romantic lives. And, though their relationships are still volatile, marriage and long-term commitment are more likely this year.

Those of you old enough to have grandchildren of marriageable age are likely to hear wedding bells this year too. A parent could re-marry or become involved in a significant relationship – especially after July 13th.

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