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Marching on into July 2020 will feel like you’re waking up from a nap and it’s hard to get going again. This is because of the tremendous number of retrograde cycles that were ramping up in recent months. We are still in the midst of them, especially with Mercury retrograde occurring at the beginning of the month and lasting until July 12 (solar fourth house). You’ve been especially emotional because of this retrograde, as your mind spun, worrying about the stability in your life. By the end of the month, you’ll feel less shaky as Mercury catches up to normal speed.

Venus, too, is finally moving forward again, sluggishly, so you may have heard from old flames or received messages from people from your past (solar third house).

The full moon and lunar eclipse on the fourth will bring a tremendous achievement for you, possibly a promotion or favorable career milestone (solar tenth house). You’ve clearly worked long and hard to get where you are, and while this will be a very special moment of the year, you still have Jupiter and Saturn bringing you responsibility and opportunity in this same sector until December.

The new moon on July 20 will help you get a handle on your emotional security and take steps toward building a happier home life or growing closer with your kin. Some Aries could move at this time, especially if the solar eclipse a month ago in this same sector initiated exciting developments (solar fourth house).

When the sun enters your zone of fun and love on the twenty-second, expect passion to ignite in your blood (solar fifth house). This time of year is always one of your favorites. You’ll likely feel Cupid’s arrows shooting your way over the coming month, as well as more opportunities for pleasure and recreation.

Mars, the planet of strength, will be firing you up for the next six months (solar first house), so if you want to improve your romantic life or pursue a creative goal, this is the perfect time to seize the day and make it happen.

Standout days: 1, 4, 22
Challenging days: 8, 20, 27

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