Aries Weekly Horoscope

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While the focus is still very much on communication and connection this week, there continue to be opportunities to link up with those on your wavelength. Yet, as delectable Venus continues to rewind, you might be ready to jettison certain social connections. If someone seems too superficial and you don’t enjoy their company, it’s probably best to let them go. This can pave the way for meeting other people you feel truly at home with.

Chatty Mercury moves into Cancer and your home and family sector on Thursday. This can be an opportunity to take some time out, particularly if you need quiet to think things through. Your thoughts might veer toward family and domestic matters and resolving issues that need a logical perspective. You’ll also find it easier to share your feelings.

Finally, Friday could find you willing to discuss something that has proven awkward or uncomfortable until now. By sharing it, you may find solutions.

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