Aries 2019 Wellness Horoscope

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The New Year 2019 will bring fruitful and healthful time, it’s time to get outside and enjoy life. Eat healthy and follow a daily exercise routine to alleviate symptoms of any larger problems. Keep a watch on your own fatigue and stress levels so that your health does not get affected. Let’s explore what the future has in store for your health and wellness.

Overview: Aries 2019 Health Horoscope

Time to be a healthier and happier you! It’s time to be physically active and get outdoor, so keep laziness at bay. Go for morning walk daily as it will keep your heart and body healthy. Take good care of your well-being - eat plenty of vegetable, limit salt in your diet and drink adequate amounts of water. Go for regular checkups to a doctor in case you are heart patient. You may suffer health issues only because of your careless attitude, so pursue self-discipline to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Astrology Predictions: Aries 2019 Health Horoscope

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are the key ruling planets for the particular moon sign that influences health. Jupiter – the lord of twelfth house is placed in the eighth house of Aries horoscope. Thus, it signifies good health or improvement in health. Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu, and will give rise to mental health problem like headache, migraine, sleep deprivation, etc. In the beginning of 2019, Mars the lord of ascendant will be in the Pisces sign and in twelfth house. Mars will naturally loss its strength, though it will not be harmful as it’s placed in his friend’s home Jupiter. The transposition between Jupiter and Mars shows that improvement in health, and if you have been admitted to the hospital, then it’s time to get happily discharged. In the month of February, the Mars will come into his sign and aspect the fourth house. Aries people will gain healthy weight and feel mentally and physically fit. It is advisable to follow heart-healthy lifestyle. Jupiter will transit in eighth house of sudden events and will protect you from any loss (accident and evil diseases) in terms of health. The planet will transit in Scorpio through ‘Anuradha and Jyestha’ constellation. You will get relief from heart diseases, reproductive problems and urological diseases which will in turn make your brain stronger. As Jupiter retrogrades from 10 April to 11 August, people born with Aries as their moon sign will finally get comfort from the long-standing health issues. However, do follow a balanced diet or else health problem may persist because Jupiter will transit in the eighth house during the retrogration. You may face a dispute with an elder (father or boss) because of differences of opinions. The conflict will affect your temperament issue and can affect your health. So, keep patience and talk rationally for your own mental peace. Furthermore, Sun will be in conjunction with Rahu in Gemini from 15 June to 17 July. This conjunction may affect your heart and mind. Rahu and Ketu will transit in the third and ninth house, so you may face health problems related to spine and bone. Go for exercise or morning walk daily and follow a healthy diet plan to increase the immunity power of your body. Sun will support you when it will transit in the sixth and eighth house in the month of June and November respectively. Take a long vacation or go for a spiritual retreat to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Important Dates: Aries 2019 Health Horoscope

1 February to 28 February – No signs of any health problems. 15 June to July 17 – Take care of your health, especially your heart. Do Yoga and meditation to reduce stress in your life. 10 April to August 2019 – Follow heart-healthy diet and improve your daily workout routine. 17 November to 16 December – As Sun will transit in the eighth house in the Scorpio sign; take special care of your skin and reproductive organs.

The Doctor of Last Resort

Overall, 2019 will be a stable for Aries on the health front. You will be physically fit and healthy, and feel better. You will overcome minor illnesses which had troubled you in the past. Regular exercise, eating right and paying attention to your hygiene will help you maintain great health.

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