Aries 2020 Horoscope

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Much of this year’s outer planetary emphasis centers on your career and work life. But your 2020 agenda is definitely not all work and no play. The good news is you’re well placed to achieve a satisfying balance between the two.
You may have experienced a shake-up at work the last year or just an undercurrent of change on the horizon. It’s also possible you felt a growing sense of dissatisfaction with your current job situation. That feeling—or a sudden change in your work life—will return in early February as stable Saturn in Virgo forms its second exact alignment with unpredictable Uranus in Pisces, your solar sixth-twelfth house axis. But it’s likely to be early March before things reach a turning point. Even at that, it will be mid-September when the third and final Saturn-Uranus alignment occurs, that things will come full circle and you’ll begin to feel more settled. You’ll want to remember this and plan accordingly if you’re searching for a new position. Unfortunately, it could take until September to land the right spot for you.
If your job sector is prone to layoffs (or even if it’s not) you’ll want to be alert for rumors and rumblings. Talk with people. Use your sixth sense to detect subtle shifts in the workplace environment, and look for opportunities to strengthen your position. You could just as easily and suddenly stake your claim to a fabulous new job opportunity. So be proactive, keep your options open and your resume updated.
Just as calm begins to return, however, you could be in for another bumpy career ride. Saturn enters Libra, your solar seventh house of close relationships, the end of October, where it will clash with Pluto in Capricorn, your career sector, for the rest of the year. You could have issues with a supervisor or someone else in authority during this time frame, when it would be wise to maintain a low profile and avoid being dragged into power plays. And with Mars, your ruler, turning retrograde in Leo about the same time, this could be a particularly frustrating time for you. Think happy thoughts, learn patience, fill your leisure-time hours with fun, and remember that nothing lasts forever.
On the positive side, with Pluto now firmly in Capricorn, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your career mark during the next fifteen years. This tiny but potent planet will challenge you to realign your ambitions and aim high, while remembering that people will be a key factor in your 2020 achievements. More importantly, how you handle the Saturn/Pluto influence now could have a major influence on where you find yourself in seven years. Get to know the right people. Tame and channel your Martian energy so it can fuel your initiative, your drive, and new endeavors.
It takes Saturn twenty-eight years to move through the entire zodiac, spending about two-and-a-half years in each sign. As it moves through Libra, you’ll experience ups and downs in relationships. But despite what you may have heard, Saturn in your relationship sector does not necessarily signal doom and gloom for a partnership. In fact, you and your mate could develop even stronger bonds of love or, if you’re single, you could make a lifetime commitment. You can expect some people to exit your life, however.
This could be because they (or you) relocate, but the most likely scenario is because you’ll make a conscious decision to move on, such as simply deciding that certain friends are no longer good for you—for whatever reason. It also could indicate difficulties in a business partnership.
With all this going on, you’ll especially appreciate expansive Jupiter’s year-long tour of Aquarius, your friendship sign. You’ll remember 2020 as one of the best on the social scene, and welcome plenty of new faces to your circle of acquaintances. Some will become friends and you might even connect with a soul mate who offers you the wisest advice of your life.
If you’re searching for a mate, you could meet the love of your life through a mutual friend. Or you might discover you have romantic feelings for a long-time pal.
Luck will come through other people, especially friends, and you’ll polish your networking skills and make some valuable contacts. You might also want to get involved in a charitable organization, club, or professional group where you can meet people.
Also consider stepping into a leadership role, which will give you increased visibility and help you achieve your career goals.
But you’ll want to be wary in May, June, and December, when Jupiter will join forces with Neptune. Someone you consider trustworthy could disappoint you or try to lead you astray. Take notes regarding the events that occur in early February, as well as people you meet; that information could give you a clue about what will happen later in the year. Above all, question everything and don’t let wishful thinking color your judgment. What seems too good to be true probably is. And don’t be surprised if you feel the need to explore your spiritual side in a quest for not just knowledge but wisdom.

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