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2019 represents a year of opportunity for expanded growth, both personally and professionally. That expansion can cause you to overextend yourself if you have not identified any particular goals. January through August finds Jupiter square your Sun, boosting your sense of optimism, but it can also inflate your sense of self-importance. By late August, you may find it easier to say no to those options that won't take you anywhere.

There are also trials and critical developments throughout the year. You are testing yourself, and you're especially aware of the need to reevaluate your foundations.

Challenged to grow with the times, you may need to try some innovative approaches to your established ways of doing things. Those of you born between March 27th and April 4th are especially restless, needing to eliminate excessive burdens or blockages from your lives. Uranus' square to your Sun feels like you've been hit by lightning. Your impatience can create more blockages for you because you can see where you want to go, but may not be clear about the best path to get there! Try to resist the tendency to burn all your bridges behind you—be sure to evaluate all the possible benefits of a situation before walking away from it for good. You may simply need to change your attitude about a situation in order to improve it.

If you do need to leave someone or something behind, be sure you reach a point of completion rather than running out on a situation before you've completed your obligations to it.

If your birthday falls from April 2nd-5th, you may be feeling especially confused about your sense of identity and direction. Neptune's cycle can present you with both heightened awareness and intensified self-deception. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to figure out which is which! You are being tested to find the real connection between your personality self and your Higher Self.

There are many paths to spiritual growth, each with its own pitfalls. Be sure to keep the teacher and the teachings in proper perspective. It may be easy to fall into excessive escapism or unrealistic relationships. By focusing on attaining clarity and welcoming an initiation into a more sensitive awareness, you can find this year especially potent.

If you were born between April 6th and the 17th, you may be feeling thwarted in your ability to move forward. Saturn forms a frustrating square to your Sun, challenging you to sort through many elements of your life. You need to identify how you're holding yourself back and take action to change these self-restricting behaviors.

Evaluate what is still useful, and be ready to release the circumstances which are no longer necessary to your growth.

You may also find authority figures, including parents and government officials, especially trying. This cycle is intensified if your birth occurred during April 6th-9th, since Pluto forms a quincunx to your Sun. This deepens your need to become all you can be.

2019 Horoscope

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