Aries 2018 Horoscope

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After a year of increasing confidence and optimism, you’re ready to funnel your creativity into strengthening your resources while you refine your goals. Balancing expansion and restraint is not the easiest task, but you’re seeing the value of holding back long enough to steady your foothold before you take the next leap.
The planet Jupiter completes its cycle in your sign in mid-February, and then, from February 14 through July 1, your confidence regarding finances is uplifted thanks to Jupiter’s influence in your solar chart’s Second House of material resources.
From July through December, you’re on the move while Jupiter travels in the sign of Gemini, stimulating fresh ideas and a desire to explore new territory. These cycles strengthen your faith in your ideas and enhance your self-worth. With your personal esteem on the rise, you may feel you’re capable of accomplishing almost anything. To avoid excessive limitations in the future, it’s crucial that you establish some boundaries to avoid overextending your finances, overobligating your time, or overindulging in the good things of life. All in all, Jupiter’s influence this year helps build your self-confidence and leaves a residue of good humor!

Saturn’s influence targets your Second House of material worth and personal values, continuing its cycle of last year.
By paying careful attention to the manner in which you are utilizing your resources, you can build a sound financial base, but you’re also continuing to repay the lapses in judgment or results of impulse spending from the past. Forge ahead and stay with your plan, since your attention to the details of your finances and desire to strengthen your personal worth may require you to maintain your course of frugality. You can also build significant resources this year, since Jupiter joins Saturn in this arena, increasing your opportunities to shape your personal financial empire! It is fortunate that Saturn and Jupiter’s influence are operating together in this facet of your life, since the balance between expansion and consolidation can definitely benefit your personal resources when properly exercised.
While Uranus disruptive force brings an unsettled quality to your plans and goals, you may also feel more inclined to consider options that involve significant change. The excitement that accompanies this transit helps you maintain an open mind, and you’ll continue to feel inclined to associate with others who share your interests. The slow-moving cycles of Neptune and Pluto emphasize your need to feel better connected to a community, and whether you’re becoming more involved in local politics or a spiritual group or simply strengthening your circle of friends, you’re forging powerful associations.

There are four solar eclipses during the year 2018, a significant astronomical occurrence that happened only five times during the last century. For you, the eclipses draw your attention to the questions of right livelihood, personal security, and the need to become more in touch with the flow of love. These periods will be more carefully defined in your monthly forecasts for February, July, and December. On an emotional level, getting in touch with your calling in life may feel more important, and Aries may need to spend extra time away from external influences reflecting upon the truly important things you’re working to create.

2018 Horoscope

Aries 2018 Horoscope
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