Aries April 2020 Horoscope

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Even though Mercury turns direct on April 2, you may still feel that you’re not making much forward progress until after the Aries Moon on April 15. But when you look back, you’ll realize you’ve continued to move ahead. It’s just a little slow.
Continuing your deep healing process, you may encounter unresolved emotional issues. This is an excellent month to clear out old feelings of resentment, shame, or guilt. It’s amazing how quickly things change when you’re not dragging burdens from the past.
Although you may be interested in someone new early in the month, you may just be looking for a diversion. Take time to get in touch with your needs. Listen to your dreams and the music of your heart. Then, after April 12, let your heart be your guide and be open to the possibilities of loving purely, deeply and passionately. Make your move on April 15, and then let nature take its course. Oh, yes, take along your sense of humor!
Money is definitely a high-priority focus, and if you’ve been spending unwisely, then you’ll feel the pinch when it’s time to pay the piper this month! Serious attention to your finances may actually unearth an approach to solidifying your assets for the long term.
Avoid anything high risk, because there’s a likelihood you’ll spend more than you make. Take care of unfinished business before the Moon on April 30.
By considering the effects of your actions you’ll remain on solid ground. If you tiy to evade responsibilities you’ll only undermine your stability.

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