Aries August 2019 Horoscope

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You may have to make a few adjustments to have things the way you want them. Mercury's retrograde on the 17th stimulates a re-evaluation of your work situation and a careful assessment of your health.

If you've been overdoing fitness or recreational activities, this is the time to adapt to a more reasonable pace. Continuing to push beyond your limits now can be costly to your vitality.

Disagreements with a partner can be the final blow in a weak relationship. Before you bolt and run, talk to a good friend, who may offer a different perspective near the time of the Moon on the 3rd.

Examine your deeper emotional needs; you may discover that you've been blocking your deeper desires. If you're attracted to someone new after the 18th, it may be the real thing, but you still have to address your inner issues before you'll attain satisfaction.

Contracts or legal disputes can be frustrating. New, more costly options appear near the time of the Moon on the 18th.

Take your time to avoid getting forced into something you don't really want. Avoid making impulsive decisions during Mercury's retrograde from the 17th-31st, although a new option from a business associate after the 19th is worth deliberation.

Take it all into consideration, and try to postpone final decisions until late next month.

Exciting ideas can lead you to explore new interests mid-month. This may be a chance to meet someone whose novel approach or unique concepts inspires you to follow new goals.

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