Aries February 2019 Horoscope

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Uplifting and supportive energy from friends and peers helps to confirm your aims for the future. This is the time to set new plans in motion that will broaden your professional horizons.

Team sports may be a lot of fun or you might enjoy a fitness class. Outdoor activities can be invigorating. Your attitudes are optimistic, which has a healthy effect on your overall sense of well-being.

Memorable times with friends confirms feelings of unconditional love, and romance blossoms. You're open to a little experimentation and light-hearted games.

However, you're probably not entirely comfortable bucking tradition, and may opt for a situation that is both exciting and familiar. The Moon on the 7th prompts a change in your attitudes, but too much control by your partner after the 17th can prompt you to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Finances can be muddled from the 1st—10th, especially if you've been inattentive to details. Impulsive spending or investments can get you into trouble, although you're safe to speculate on a new venture from the 10th—16th. Problems and power struggles at work escalate near the Moon on the 22nd.

Even though you may think you're just standing still, you can make progress by clearing up unfinished business and finishing long-term projects.

Finding an innovative approach to a long-standing problem places you in a positive light on the 10th and 11th. Keep an open mind and listen to your intuition.

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