Aries January 2019 Horoscope

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Although you may be eager to get things started, you may have to finish what you already have in the works before you can move ahead. Others are more cooperative after the 14th.

You're in a competitive mood and might enjoy sports that challenge your limits. Careful assessment helps you avoid injury. Be cautious in high-risk situations and stay alert. A good defense keeps you safe.

Turmoil in relationships may be more the norm, particularly if one of you is very stubborn about getting your way. Tempted to withhold tenderness and participate fully in conflict, you'd really prefer warmth and understanding, but may just be stubborn.

A little romantic rendezvous near the Moon on the 23rd might just turn things around. Allow hot pursuit of a new relationship from the 21st- 31st. But to avoid being deceived by your own illusions, be cautious.

Try to see the advantage of business lunches or dinner parties, instead of just feeling pressured. At least you can make an appearance, even if you don't know exactly what's on the agenda. During Mercury's retrograde (until the 12th) you may run into a few barriers and can easily miss important details. Carefully review anything you sign, and try to wait until after the 23rd to act on investments or new ventures.

If you must act Aries, limit your liabilities.

Quick action on your part on the 23rd and 24th can put you in an enviable position of strength. Do your homework to avoid getting into an uncomfortable situation.

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