Aries July 2019 Horoscope

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Frustrations with others can lead to open conflicts. At the very least, you're feeling competitive, and are not likely to back down from a challenge. Romance and love relationships rank high on your agenda.

Sports and recreation can be exciting, challenging, and enjoyable. Emphasize recreation—finding ways to create new or renewed energy in a spirit of joy. If you're overcome by negativity, rethink your situation.

You may be ready for love, but your intended may be focused elsewhere. Review your approach. In your zeal, you can alienate the very person you're trying to impress.

Open your heart by sharing experiences that fill your soul. A romantic vacation or time spent sharing your favorite forms of entertainment can draw you closer to your sweetheart.

Situations competing with family demands can leave you with a lot of explaining to do during the Moon on the 19th. Employ your special talents and use your creative ideas. But be attentive to the way you're dealing with competitors.

Although you may seem to be in the stronger position, overconfidence can work to your disadvantage late in the month, especially if you've strayed outside the rules of the game! A conservative approach to investment works best after the 13th, when you may gain strength by maintaining your position instead of jumping into a new situation.

Be prepared to take a leadership position from the 13th—18th, when your ability to get things moving or overcome resistance can inspire positive changes and strong support from others.

2019 Horoscope

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