Aries March 2019 Horoscope

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Continuing to push at the edge of your limits can wear you down. Taking a break for rejuvenation and reflection gives you a fresh perspective in the midst of hard work. Strive for balance.

Special attention to health—physical, mental and spiritual—is required if you want to feel happier about your life situation. Let go of counterproductive habits and make time for meditation.

Set aside time to be introspective. Pressure from others can prompt your withdrawal during the solar eclipse on the 8th. Given a chance to make your own decisions, you may find this a pleasant time to en- joy your favorite escapes, and may even want to share them with a lover.

Romantic fantasies can be especially enjoyable near the lunar eclipse on the 23rd. You're more open after the 17th and let your best qualities shine after the 23rd.

Pressures at work can build, especially if personal freedoms are being squashed under the weight of overwork. If you're upset about the situation and fail to act, the quality of your work and your health can suffer during the solar eclipse on the 8th. You're challenged to confront the truth of your situation before you can move forward.

The tide turns after the 23rd, when your forthright attitudes make a sig-nificant difference.

By listening to practical suggestions and finding an approach acceptable to conservatives, you can gain more freedom and headway, particularly after the 19th.

2019 Horoscope

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