Aries November 2019 Horoscope

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Career takes top priority, and you'll be satisfied most by situations which give you a chance to outshine the competition. Knowing the rules and respecting the chain of command works in your favor, and helps you avoid stepping on the wrong toes.

Higher levels of stress require measures to release tension and relax. Even though you may prefer to be wound tight as a top, you'll perform better if you try to maintain some flexibility.

At least communication looks promising, even if you may not have many hours for tender play. Your inner drive may stem from your need to prove something to your parents (still!), so be aware of why you're working so hard.

You need some outside challenges, and it's probably better if they come from the work arena, so you can have some harmony at home. Take time out to play after the 23rd.

Business travel from the 1st—9th can bring advancement. Large-scale projects are a good source of focus, since you'll enjoy anything that gives you a chance to show your best attributes while bringing your competitors to their knees.

Don't be too ruthless, since it will probably come back to haunt you. Financial details, particularly concerning taxes or debt, are important during the Moon on the 14th. Make presentations from the 16th-23rd, when you'll shine brightly.

Launching an important project from the 1st—7th, then following through with final details from the 19th-23rd will ensure stronger success in your endeavors.

2019 Horoscope

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