Aries October 2019 Horoscope

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You're ready to move toward the next horizon, and can feel a surge of confidence and optimism about your future. Concentrate on keeping your responsibilities in good order while giving yourself plenty of room to move ahead.

Your energy levels are on the increase, and you're eager to find outlets that build your strength while challenging your spirit. An outdoor vacation would be a great option.

Travel inspires renewed hope, or may lead to a new love. Clarifying what you need stimulates greater trust. Just as importantly, you may stand in awe of the possibilities love can bring into your life, starting with an improved sense of self-esteem.

Share your visions with your partner, whose energy and support can go a long way toward bringing balance during the Moon on the 15th. You're ready for some deep intimacy during the Moon on the 31st, so make time for it!

You're in a great cycle for writing, publishing, travel, and correspondence. Legal matters and contracts open new avenues, and this is a good time to present or listen to a new deal.

The Moon on the 1st brings energy that opens doors, but your confident, assertive manner sets you apart from everyone else after the 9th. Trust your instincts. Just don't forget to read the find print.

Others are more willing to take a different approach and listen to your new ideas from the 9th—18th, so be ready to take advantage of the situation!

2019 Horoscope

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