Dog Aries

Dog people are born with a sense of loyalty and duty. You are a giver– you want to help others and be a support. Friends come to you for your wise advice. Your ability to old and teach is doubly accented because of your Aries charisma and the fact that you’re a creator of change.

Born also with Aries super intelligence, you enhance your career using your Dog aptitude for research and uncovering advantageous information. You could be a counselor but might enjoy politics more because of the power. Basically, though, you don’t search for power but for love. You’re sentimental, deeply attached, and happiest in a close, committed union. What can bring heartache is your possessiveness.

Dog Aries Traits

Contradictions are more numerous in you than in other natives of your Aries sign. The greatest of such contradictions is the one between a youthful, impulsive, daring nature, and an old-fashioned, diplomatic, circumspect nature. You act most often spontaneously, then you draw back. Thus, you only proceed by fits and starts, preferring to take one step back after having taken two forward.

Thoughtful and shrewd, you’re nevertheless ambitious and persevering. Served by frequent chance, you can know extraordinary successes in the field which you have chosen, above all in political action, business, and research. You don’t have a very flexible or conciliatory character. Passionate about the absolute, you do not compromise on principles, at least on your own principles. You judge yourself and others with equal severity. One can hardly know you well because you aren’t sufficiently transparent.

You need a harmonious and warm familial climate so as to feel well at ease and happy. Without such a climate, you would be exactly like a fish out of water.

Love is for you an agreeable side to life rather than a vital necessity, and you are sufficiently wary of the folly of passions. Nevertheless, your sentiments are sincere, deep, and stable. Perhaps you’d prefer marriage of convenience to marriage of inclination.

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