Dragon Aries

Aries and the Dragon are a superstar combination. The Dragon symbolizes success, high honor, realization of one’s dreams, and charismatic allure. As an Aries, you’re already born with courage and strong drive to conquer the challenge in front of you– as an Aries Dragon, you possess extra dynamism, especially when you’re dealing with groups of people.

You’re blessed with self-belief (which is not the same as being egotistical). You have the energy to initiate new projects and are willing to take a chance on your own talents. Aspiration characterizes you. You’re also an old-fashioned romantic who believes in true love. In a different era, you’d be called a hero or heroine willing to stake your honor on a person or cause you cherished.

Dragon Aries Traits

Impulsiveness, courage, bravery, panache — you possess all this to the highest degree. The other side of the coin is that you have much pride and always feel a visceral need to be admired, praised, even idolized. You aim too high and tend to believe yourself to be invulnerable.

In any case, you impose yourself by your radiance, for you’ve much magnetism and ascendancy over others. With your generous and warm nature, you easily captivate those around you. You also have an immoderate taste for elegant gestures and gratuitous acts.

The crusade mind is very conspicuous in you — you love to espouse all the great causes of mankind. Nothing can discourage you, and your optimism stays steadfast under all circumstances. You like difficulty and fights. Despite your royal manners, your heart is very tender, and it’s there your Achilles’ heel — one can easily influence you through sentiments.

This combination, which is essentially virile, seems to be difficult to live by a female. If she can do it, one will then be tempted to take her for a "phallic" woman!

In love, you deliberately make use of your charm to maintain a royal ambience which is indispensable to you and on which you feed yourself. The beloved one must admire you, sing your praises, and do just what you please. In exchange, you will show him/her great generosity, perfect loyalty, and will offer him/her a beautiful and brilliant life.

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