Horse Aries

The Horse symbolizes accomplishment, the gain of respect, and rebellion against the status quo. This, combined with your Aries ability to zoom through hurdles, creates a personality that always stands out. Sometimes you’re described as a loose cannon because your drive is to achieve independence.

You’re brilliant at what you do, generally in an innovative profession in which you’re a trendsetter. You’re also witty, magnetic, and totally likable. People follow your lead anywhere. In romantic life, you’re impulsive to a fault. Whatever the cost, you pursue your passions (and your lust). Others may gossip, but they secretly admire your courage.

Horse Aries Traits

In you, intuition, impulsiveness as well as independent and domineering, generous and optimistic character traits are brought to the highest degree. You achieve feats in all possible fields during the whole course of your life. Indifference and mediocrity are what resemble you the least.

You’ve a tendency to be overly confident. It’s relatively easy to deceive you for it rarely comes to your mind to imagine the duplicity of others. In all your undertakings, you need to believe in the usefulness of your action so as to bring it to a successful conclusion. You also need to have confidence in others and in life so as to function well.

Despite appearances, you’re rather psychologically fragile. Disappointments and treacheries can affect you very profoundly, so much so that they could completely change the course of your existence. But a single generous and comprehensive gesture would be enough to reconcile you with entire mankind.

There’s a well-marked chivalrous side to your character — you wouldn’t hesitate to move heaven and earth in order to bring aid to your fellow humans and are capable of accomplishing heroic or spectacular acts. Impenitent giver of advice, you also present a missionary side which irritates the most lucid or the most blase persons.

You can know numerous successes heartwise. Sincere and generous, you need to express your powerful amorous penchants all the while preserving your independence of thought and action. Any interference with your freedom is susceptible of provoking a break-up from your part.

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