Monkey Aries

To be a Monkey person means you’re gifted with vivacious charm and a talent for entertaining. The monkey is regarded as the Messenger- a loquacious, witty, mesmerizing companion who is long on imagination and short on patience for those not as sharp as you. This spellbinding sociability added to your Aries spontaneity and the force with which you initiate makes you a mover and shaker.

The Aries Monkey lives in the world of ideas and information. You’re a fact finder but on a deeper level you’re the one who explains life to the rest of us. You’re the puzzle solver who untangles knotty problems. You adore falling in love at first sight, but to keep passion burning you need an intellectual equal. Your flirtatious nature makes long-term commitment hard going.

Monkey Aries Traits

You’re eternally unsatisfied — asocial, not to say revolted, you are capable of spark off a crisis if the occasion presents itself to you. You bear neither orders nor constraints, which often puts you in the fringes of traditional society; it’s only in these fringes that you can live as you like and bloom.

Very independent and innovative, you defend your ideas with passion, not hesitating to say what you think with brutal frankness and disconcerting abruptness. You don’t either hamper yourself with subterfuges or social events. And it would be impossible to make you admit of compromisings or injustices.

Being in visceral horror of preconceived ideas and beaten tracks, you show remarkable inventive capacity and sometimes genius. But your almost systematic contrariness often plays nasty tricks on you. One finds you agreeable to live with because you’ve the sense of friendship, easy contact, and team spirit. You can earn much money without painstakingly looking for it, and you’re ready to make your friends and close ones benefit from it.

Love-passion is not what suits you best, for you are very incoherent in your sentiments — you want and you don’t want, you give yourself away and you retrieve yourself! In fact, only true friendship can constitute a good basis for your amorous stability.

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