Ox Aries

As and Aries, you’re fiery and restless, yet being born in Year of the Ox tempers this with levelheadedness and a drive to find stability. Ox people are super intelligent, eloquent, and elegant. Thus, combined with your Aries pioneering spirit, creates someone who inspires others and brings incandescent energy to whatever interests you.

You won’t even entertain failure – you’re single-minded. You’re more stubborn than other Aries but this also makes you tenacious. Indeed, you are fiercely loyal, and especially in love you are forceful and faithful. Your most outstanding trait is emotionally kept under the rein of a practical approach. Your feelings run deep, and you express them in caring deeds.

Ox Aries Traits

Like all Aries natives, you like to discover, undertake, and rush ahead. But your comportment implies a good element of patience and application. You generally bring to a successful conclusion what you’ve undertaken despite all the obstacles which you could have encountered.

Concrete, realistic, attached to the goods of this world and not much inclined to sacrifice, you can show egoism. On the contrary, you know better than anyone else how to get organized, make the most out of your ideas, which are sometimes of genius and in all cases profoundly new.

You’re remarkable for your love for life, your will to see things through and to be efficacious, and your staggering capacity for work. You possess endurance, vigor, and ardor all at the same time. Your personality needs time to assert itself. You can, in your childhood, encounter problems related to your father because of his illness, his absence, his indifference toward you, or his own problems.

You enjoy life and its pleasures with real sensuality, without afterthoughts and without asking yourself useless questions. In love, physical attraction takes precedence over the rest. But material advantages can also come into account. You control your outbursts with difficulty, which often makes you get into traps or find yourself burdened with obligations which you don’t want. But once engaged by fair means or foul in a union, you’ll try to honor your contract without ever failing.

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