Pig Aries

Born in the Year of the Pig, you are characterized as strong, understanding, warm, loving, and hardworking. These lovely attributes are heightened by your Aries gallantry and extraordinary creativity. Your mind sees patterns, and thus you have quick aptitude for both artistic pursuits and business concepts.

You’re not a loner – indeed, you work well in teams that strive toward a common objective. You’re also the most caring friend anyone can have. In romantic affairs, you’re a “protector”, and nothing is more important than a secure relationship. But you have a way of ignoring warning signals of someone’s negative traits, and must be careful about your choices in life.

Pig Aries Traits

Whatever the hazards of your life may be, you’ll always preserve certain childlike freshness, which at the same time makes your charm and constitutes a handicap. It’s extremely difficult for you to break away from your familial milieu so as to reach your full maturity. This maturity is therefore slow to come along. In the meantime, you can experience failures of all kinds because of your indecisive temperament.

You want everything at once, and would like to try a thousand things so as to be able to realize your dreams. But your taste for risk is often lessened by your need for security. Your various successes are above all due to your overbrimming imagination.

You’re a sensitive and touchy individual. Your spontaneity and romantic nature often makes you suffer because of your numerous disappointments. But your immense tenderness will save you. You love children, maternal women, and attentive fathers.

In love, you do not always know well what you want. You often live in a flood of passions and illusions, which are a source of instability and conflicts. You’ll suffer much, and will also make suffer much without knowing or wanting it. It’s only at your mature age that you can achieve balance in yourself so as to reach interior peace and amorous happiness.

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