Rat Aries

The Year of the Rat bestows abundant charm and instant ability to step up to opportunity. This quickness of spirit combines with your Aries assertiveness to make you especially inventive and ambitious. As an Aries Rat, you’re full of new ideas and the fire to put them into action. The Year of the Rat is lucky for new beginnings.

Thus, your dynamic Aries propensity for creating change is doubly accented. You strike up instant friendships; you have great warmth and enthusiasm and can easily lead others. In romance, you’re impetuously ardent. You believe in love at first sight and will rush toward the one you desire, ignoring the “rules".

Rat Aries Traits

You are a great will-o’-the-wisp — you essentially live in the present moment and show almost permanent inability to turn back. Your entire life can be marked with instability, dispersion, the taste for game, the desire to be always on the move. Thus there’ll be no likelihood of profound taking root in any field whatsoever. In other words, you’re attracted by the ephemeral, the transitory.

Very resourceful, you like to embark on a thousand undertakings at the same time. But perseverance is the quality which you direly lack, and you may give up many underway projects which could have been achieved with a little more constancy. You can best succeed in all that puts you in contact with topicality or in relation with many people. Routine or constraints absolutely don’t suit you.

You’ve a great taste for contact and communication. And this taste is all the more operative as you remain young a long time, physically and psychologically, and as you like laughing and enjoying yourself. With your vivacious mind and easy repartee, you like to pull your interlocutors’ legs, but always without malice.

You constantly need to be stimulated by new love affairs or different sentimental perspectives. Therefore, you don’t dislike simultaneous engagements and unexpected about-faces. Generally, you’d like more to exchange ideas than sentiments for you’re not particularly expansive.

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