Rooster Aries

Rooster people are said to be scrupulously honest, brilliant, eloquent, and fascinated with ideas. These qualities blend beautifully with your natural Aries leadership ability. People trust you because you don’t break promises. You need order and structure in your life and clear-cut goals to work toward, yet interestingly you can be disorganized and untidy in little ways.

You see the big picture but not always the details. You have enormous resilience; never doubt how strong you are. Deep within you is a conservatism-an adherence to a code of ethics. In love, you’re dedicated and truthful. You give your whole heart, and a betrayal can be devastating.

Rooster Aries Traits

Your whole personality releases extreme combativeness and remarkable power of action. The turn of your destiny entirely depends on the way this aggressiveness is used. If it’s well canalized toward altruistic activity, for instance medicine or the bar, then you’re capable of reaching the highest summits. In the contrary case, it may become a curse for yourself and others. If interiorized, this tremendous aggressiveness can make you ill or cause your destructive tendencies to turn against yourself.

Very passionate and sufficiently tender, you nevertheless very often give the impression of being cantankerous and bad-humored. It’s because your comportment is brusque, your words stamped with brutal frankness, and your manners lack urbanity. Moreover, you’re rather clumsy when you want to make yourself liked.

Love has the absolute power to light up or destroy your life because your passions are so powerful and absolute, although they are slow in manifesting themselves. The danger susceptible of compromising your happiness is burning jealousy, which will not fade away even with age. Your sexuality is strong and needs to express itself in all its vigor, otherwise it will turn against yourself and others. You make yourself feared if you cannot make yourself loved.

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