Snake Aries

Snake people are said to be cultivated, intelligent, and decisive, and to have high goals. You’re made of sterner stuff. Combined with your Aries expressiveness and electric vitality, you instantly command attention. Your intuitive mind is your great tool – you instantly analyze and strategize.

You do more listening than spouting off, which makes you formidable in the business world and dangerous to competitors. But you have no meanness and, with your humor and fluency of speech, you make friends easily. In love, you are a sentimentalist who adores with your whole being. You want to be safe, however, and you wait to be sure of a lover’s loyalty before committing your heart.

Snake Aries Traits

This structure, it must be admitted, is not easy to live, for it calls fundamentally opposite tendencies into play. Your life seems to be totally based on affectivity. You loudly and strongly claim happiness for yourself, but on the other hand you’re capable of absolute sacrifices for others.

This inclination for sacrifice can sometimes take on immoderate proportions — then you only think of living for others. In any case, you find your happiness in giving much to all and winning all hearts. You feel an absolute need to please and be loved. One may sometimes have the impression that you will even try to charm a blind, deaf and dumb man!

In case of a sentimental drama, you run the risk of collapsing, of sinking into depression, disease, alcoholism, or on the contrary you’ll look for oblivion and consolation by devoting all your forces to active charity. One can hardly find someone more romantic and more passionate than you. But you show certain psychological frailty and constantly need strong moral support.

Love is considered by you as the greatest affair of your life. All your happiness as well as all your unhappiness can result from it. And yet, you are not always sufficiently cautious in your amorous choices. Indeed, your sudden decisions are numerous and can entail disastrous consequences.

Aries Combinations