Aries and Leo Compatibility

Aries and Leos have a lot in common with eachother. They are both energetic, adventurous, dominating, independent, and freedom loving. However, they are also very moody. If their relationship has respect, things will run smoothly. However, the need for safety and their strong self images could hurt this pair dramatically. A Leo is always concerned about their public image while an Aries doesn’t really care about what society/people think about him or her.

Both Aries and Leo like to share and possess power. They both have the ability to listen to others and their mind. Together this pair is very appealing to others due to the fact that Aries are extremely appealing while Leos are charismatic and lively. This pair thrives on enjoying life and living it to the fullest. However, the fact that Leos want finer things in life, they could be bothered by potential shortages in money.

Aries and Leo Compatibility Scores

Aries and Leo is a great match, you have much in common and enough subtle differences and competiveness to keep a continuous flame burning.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Aries and LeoHighHighHigh

Aries and Leo Relationships

When Aries and Leo get together, there is an instant attraction. These two are astrologically well balanced and forcefully magnetic. Leo will dress up to the nines, adores chic restaurants and sees a date as an event. Flowers are seductive for the Leo woman. The Leo man is looking for the fairy tale romance. Leo is stubborn and won’t give up the chase for his potential love match.

A long-term relationship will be exciting, often explosive and always adventurous. Aries and Leo sense each other’s qualities drawing themselves into each other. Both like adventures, but both want to be at the top. Leos don’t want to compete for anything because all is due to them anyway, and Aries believes that the chief goal in life is to win. Horoscopes for both Aries and Leo would advise them to temper their egos to overcome the challenges in their love match.

Aries doesn’t want a clingy relationship and Leo wants to maintain some independence. This relationship will be successful but not always peaceful. Leo doesn’t want to listen to Aries’ bragging, and Aries doesn’t want to compete with Leo’s shouting matches. Arguments ensue as a result, but once things are calm again, Aries and Leo will acknowledge their appreciation for each other.

As a perfect love match, love between these two zodiac signs is hot and erotic. Aries and Leo will both enjoy their desire for wild passionate at bed. This couple believes that they share the most feelings of love, passion and affection than anyone else in the world.

In marriage, these two hearts will beat as one all through the years. The chemistry is right because Aries and Leo tolerate each other remarkably well. They share a strong admiration for each other and are loyal love mates. Leo senses the insecurities and dependency of Aries, and Aries respects Leo’s sensitivity. Arguments usually end with scalding bedroom love scenes and happy endings.

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