Aries First Decan

First decan Aries born between March 21 and March 30. If one person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Mars. This is the planet of energy and that means quarrels, fights and clashes. It is best for these people to learn to keep the tongue and temper in control. The 28th year would be noteworthy.

Aries people, born under this influence are fearless and pioneer in their own respective fields. They are the initiators, impulsive and impatient too. They always want to be the first in whatever they do, and are proactive enough to get whatever they want in life and work for it tirelessly. They are also assertive and aggressive, and dominant by nature.

The first Decan Aries personality is characterized by energy, enthusiasm and passion. People born under this influence are a fearless pioneer. They are first in the Zodiac and strive always to come first in all. Second place is not in their vocabulary; they have very strong self motivation and combined with natural leadership skills can make it to the top in any profession.

They demand things immediately and fast and do tend to jump into situations without thinking things through properly. That is something that they have to leave behind the, it is hard but it is not impossible.

Aries First Decan - Physical Man of Mars

Upon the Ordinary Wheel as it rolls clockwise into illusion, the first sign is entered via Mars in the first decan. The Sun is in the central decan and Jupiter in the third. Mars inaugurates the process of individualization and impulses the initial movement outward into incarnation, embodying the blazing will and burning desire to physically manifest and experience Earth.

It is the dynamic impulse of Mars that propels the emergence of the soul upon the Path of Outgoing through the medium of a physical body. It is possible only through the use of a physical form for the soul to express itself in the lower three material worlds of human evolution. The first response or thrill of the soul is to the pull, urges and suggestions of the physical body wherein it finds itself.

Ever keep in mind that the conditioning force of each planetary decanate ruler produces a dual influence. In other words each decan has lower, recessive and negative traits on the one hand and, on the other, higher, positive and active features.

In the recessive Martian specimen, the characteristic profile is exceedingly like that of a sheep, rather than the young ram which is usually associated with Aries. In these cases the cranium and skull are very rounded with the forehead protruding, low and wide. The brow is prominent and the eyebrows thick. The lower forehead has a characteristic expression of a scowl. On the inside of the brows towards the nose we find deep lines or raised surfaces. The nose always has a trick of standing out from the face. It is thick, fleshy, with a high bridge or bump down its trunk markedly standing out from the face in the stereotypical uncompromising ram-like manner.

The hair is typically orange, titian or red, abundant, woolly and coarse, but the man’s beard tends to be scraggly and sparse. The eyes possess a timid, skulking or furtive expression, wide-open, often bulging. The eyes will show a dull or sleepy expression very similar to a weak specimen of the first decan of Pisces which is also under the dominion of Mars. They characteristically bear a facial expression of apology for their own existence. Is this surprising? It should not be.

The caricature of the unevolved Martian type is to be found on the lowest levels wherein cringing greed, slackness, loudness, rudeness, excess and orgiastic self-indulgence are the norm. Commonly the general expression on the face is one of an insufferable pride. The weak, small, narrow, pointed sheep-like chin is certainly not pronounced. The jaw-line is also weak and the mouth small. The bottom lip is usually thicker and more prominent than the upper, which tends to a real severity and reticence.

The recessive feminine type can appear as the most mannish, butch or masculine female persona in the entire zodiac; moreover unattractive, unsympathetic and decidedly lacking in feminine seduction or repose.

Extremities of the recessive body type such as the legs and arms are tiny, pathetic and weak, or thick, short and very fat; in any case always appearing disproportionate. Overall symmetry of the body is lacking, whether short or tall, pathetically small or grossly large; while the physical frame itself appears somewhat awkwardly arranged. Regardless of size, the recessive body displays a characteristic degenerate posture and slackness.

Any real sense of physical rhythm and timing, such as is required in music or dance for instance, is non-existent. Spastic, clumsy and heavy, the movement is certainly lacking in style and grace. In sports for example, timing, agility, and footwork remain a lifelong problem, shortcoming and handicap. Showing restless movements without purpose, the body appears at times totally given to a perpetual irritation of spasmodic or quick motions.

In the primitive stage the physical decan is a place of dark, violent and short-lived lives and unstable beginnings characterized by blind and undirected experience. Perhaps it is not truly fair to state so, but the unevolved Ram appears to be just about deaf, dumb and blind.

The indwelling consciousness is identified with and imprisoned within the types of consciousness of the specific form, matter, substance, time and space with which it finds itself surrounded. These young Arietians are simply animals with vague higher impulses, which must remain simply impulses. Initially in fact, the incarnated soul’s intelligence is of such a low order that it only possesses a dim and nebulous awareness of itself and of the surrounding life.

During the first stage the infant-like soul is easily bewildered both by events and by others in advance of themselves. Free will is, as yet, non-existent. Perhaps the best analogy is that they are somewhat like a newborn baby; completely overwhelmed by the environment, they are slow, inert and inarticulate. The Ram’s horizon is totally limited by the physical plane while the basic life outlook is exceedingly muddled, shortsighted and narrow. Totally conditioned by mass consciousness, mass reactions and mass ideas they are simply mediums receptive to concepts which are not their own or self-achieved.

In the early stage then, this decan type is best described as a negative impressionable automaton, blind, fanatic, sectarian and unreasoning. The idea of ordered activity or of a conscious and purposeful goal is unknown. Logic and reason are incomprehensible and unattainable. Having no sense of time and grasping no purpose in events, they cannot be trained along any mental line and very rarely demonstrate skill in any direction.

Quite naturally, at this embryonic stage of the career, concentration and sustained application to a given task have not been developed. They are only suited to learn on their own through direct, immediate, painful experience and are exceedingly difficult to control or teach.

Conflict supervenes early in the life because instinctively the struggle and strife for that which is physically desired will naturally predominate. Useless friction, fierce opposition, endless delay and struggle against failure are the common lot. Strongly conditioned by fear, stress, strain and superstition, the young Ram is stubborn and bigoted in belief and ever prone to sudden gusts of fury and ferocity. In the base type this produces the typical inquisitor and amounts to a real heedlessness, blindness and deafness. Brutality, torture, resentment and systematic bullying come naturally. These Rams will not lift a finger to help outside their immediate sympathies.

As warriors, when aroused in battle they fight like demons. The young Martian type can be very destructive for they operate only through physical desire and are not directed towards gaining wisdom. They need handling with care for they are too energetic, one-pointed and too full of personal desire. They head straight for the rocks of fanaticism and the dangerous shoals of superficial desire.

In this first phase of the Ram’s experience, the desire for physical satisfaction and the pursuit of prey or material acquisition of some kind mark the life-path. Blindly and impotently they go on their way swayed by the lowest forms of physical desire. The Ram will follow the line of least resistance and unconsciously obey the dictates of the natural instincts of his animal body.

The overwhelming urge of the incarnated soul is to experience, to exist and to satisfy the instinctual nature. The whole process is one of experiencing, grasping, existing, followed by renewed demand for satisfaction. The sensation is an active one of being engaged in the process of carrying on a hand-to-hand conflict with death.

In view of this, the Ram is an extremely intolerant person and is always enamored of his positions of authority, ever thinking first and foremost of his own exaggerated self-importance. Ram-man is willful, suppressive, controlling, militaristic, power-hungry, dominating, destructive, angry, violent, prideful, egoistic, separative, unreasonable, isolated and arrogant. He is full of impatience, obstinacy, inhibition and is known for his unrelenting ambition, hardness and cruelty.

Rigid and set thought patterns go along with his total lack of intuitive sensitivity, excessive loves and total identification with material objectivity. Committed to his keenly desired objective, which is effective pursuit of intensely focused personality desire, the developed personality demonstrates an unflagging persistence, earnestness, sincerity, loyalty, adherence and sacrificial ardor.

Eventually, Arietians under Mars become receptive to religious guidance, albeit in blind faith. They then strive not to be so self-indulgent or inclined upon luxury, and endeavor to gain a sense of humility, an unshakeable faith, unswerving devotion, unwavering dedication and undimmed optimism. Rams have the willingness to follow their vision with enthusiasm, inspiration and orientation, and are ready to devote themselves without reservation to the pursuit they value most highly.

In sharp contrast, the active Ram type appears well-balanced and symmetrical with proportional carriage and broad shoulders. Their Martian physiques are strong, lean, hard, disciplined and muscular. Polished, clean-cut, highly professional and well groomed, on the military side, the Arietian soldier possesses a real reticence, appears quite strict, fearless, regimented and severe. The large, aggressive and powerful Ram is not one that you would wish to meet on the battlefield. They take care of the business of killing with swift and brutal efficacy. Their physical stride and bodily movements are measured, controlled, powerful and well directed.

Facial lines are longer and show more angular features compared with the more short round lines of the recessive type. Well-shaped, straight or aquiline, the nose itself prominently stands or juts out appearing either somewhat short or long but in either case indicates a strong and forceful character. Well-defined, the jaw line also shows strong character with the chin small but sharply defined. Cranium and forehead are unusually long and high, as are the cheekbones.

Deep set and small, the expression of the eyes can appear steel-cold, possessing a dominating, keen, fearless or haughty expression. Looking impersonally right through you, utterly indifferent, cold, unmoving and detached, the eyes at times possess the most intense and penetrating stare. The usual expression of the eyes is however, sincere, sensitive and charming, reflecting a real tenderness. It is interesting to observe that the ears and mouth, like that of the totem of the sign, are usually small and well shaped.

There is in the above analysis much to consider. As you correlate and observe, ponder and think, light will come. I have sought in the case of the Ram-man on the first rung of the ladder to emphasize the subjective causes and the objective effects of his physical appearance. The two must always be related. The causes of the activity or non-activity of the Ram—excessive or inadequate—are initiated by the physical man himself either in this life or stemming from an earlier incarnation.

In the final analysis the physical body is the medium of his active experience in and through matter. This body is the externalization of the Ram’s soul and according to the condition and point of evolution so will be the appearance and nature—lower or higher—of the outer physical form, thus qualifying all of its activities.

The subjective keynote of this decan is the desire to manifest. The task of the soul is to balance the lower psychic nature and its expression through the medium of the body. Suffice it to say, the mechanism of the Ram’s divine perception is still in process of development, and certainly at the physical stage has yet to achieve a measurable usefulness.

The primitive Arietian initially entering the sign, inaugurates the process of Individualization whereby the soul nature and the form nature meet and blend. Eventually desire for identification with form changes into aspiration for self-awareness. Through the process of successive incarnations, the various physical bodies of expression are developed, little by little, until the interpretation of experience intensifies, becoming more adequate and correct as time passes. Mars eventually leads, after many rounds of death and rebirth upon the Wheel, to the expression of one-pointed, highly developed and directed personality effort.

Mars reminds us that the primitive step on the way to selfhood of necessity is selfishness and the ability to say I am, I wish, I desire and I will.

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