Aries Individual Degrees

The degree symbols of Aries are most useful in elaborating a personal birth chart. You can learn about personal cycles from studying the place of a transiting or progressed planet by degree at a given time, revealing collective as well as personal timings. The Zodiac degrees also act as an oracle. One can open the collection anywhere for a given day, or in reponse to a question. The degrees will reveal what is happening now and if we are attentive and responsive to the cues, what is required of us. Comparing charts of friends and famous people who are known for certain qualities, one can gradually discriminate among the degrees.

Aries Degrees Interpretation

ARIES 1 Degree - A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.

Objective Earth existence embraced with a fury. Identifying yourself completely with physical capability, external results, and quantifiable criteria on all fronts. You willfully submerge yourself in the brute facts and the bare phenomena. There is a virtue in this approach. You become ready and quite able to do what is asked or needed and to put nothing in the way of each next thing happening, right on schedule. You actually become a hardy vessel for strong Earth usage. It is a form of penance or probation for past excesses, now gravitating toward the straight and narrow and trying to get certain things straight for a brand new start. It is the initial phase, the radically new cycle taken up with a passion, with an omnivorous appetite for things to do, problems to solve, worlds to streamline. Tremendous for activating will; intended for nothing else.

ARIES 2 Degree - Old stone steps descending into darkness.

Held back by barriers that are formidable. Up against yourself hard, you are shadowboxing with personal propensities for becoming swept away by the lower self. You take a perverse thrill in adopting the stance that is rebellious, angry, and distinctive. Driven by impulse to constellate the archetype of the one in trouble, of the outlaw, of the dark stranger. In love with the idea of being self-consciously different, and running wild with it. Bursts and episodes. You get taken over and played through. This is adolescence in its most naked terms, but very hard to outgrow. The one who will not apologize, who does not change. Convinced that being against is a strong position. A very easy character to project upon, for all of life is sensed as a continuous projection and reality is up for grabs and hard to find.

ARIES 3 Degree - The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed.

Candor, stark naked honesty. Getting rid of all false coverings, going for what counts. You are sharply intent upon getting at the truth and staying on the truth. Self-disclosure. An extraordinary aptitude for reality, you are the world’s most direct person, willing to be seen and known unequivocally. The jackhammer treatment. Blunt, brutal, and straightforward. Devoid of charm or grace, but right on the mark, gutsy and truly incorrigible.

ARIES 4 Degree - A cup overflowing with clear water.

Magic when someone is ready and willing to stand there and allow all of existence to stream and pour through them. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. Abandoning yourself to the frequency of boundless discovery in naive, raw, initial disclosure - exhilarated, ecstatic, triumphant. Unable to contain yourself one moment longer. So enthusiastic and alive that you must find kin, playmates to go places with and cut loose together. A state of being that begs to be shared, that must be spoken, invoked, and honored. It is the release point for a flood of new impuls- es, and when given full momentum, it rallies, inspires, sets the world on fire, and laughs so delightedly and uproariously that no one can resist joining in.

ARIES 5 Degree - The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.

Honoring the spirit within at all costs. Insisting upon the vertical aspect in all things. You feel driven by the heart to go to any lengths to express and embody the realization of divinity. Intoxicated with the Divine, called beyond, and taken by a passion, you are dedicated and consecrated and given over. Transported into other realms. Ecstatic. A frenzy of conviction that nothing matters except the Ultimate. Swept away. Released into the Cosmos. Liberated from the wheel. And expressing the inexpressible with consummate conviction.

ARIES 6 Degree - An aquamarine in a woman’s navel.

Sensuous pleasure, powerful passions. Body wisdom. Impulses and instincts, desires and cravings, and the festive celebration of being alive here now. You are marvelously enraptured with the senses - energetic, vital, enthusiastic, on fire. Direct and straight on. Candid and willing to release into what arises. Impressionable, suggestible, youthful. In touch and in tune with what wants to happen here, your gut conviction is fiercely strong. You feel driven to be yourself and by the need to engage with the other completely. You are the one who stands out, who makes a point of it, who is unashamed.

ARIES 7 Degree - A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.

Two completely separate identities can be lived at once. What is foremost is to be mentally prepared, vigilantly watchful, and intent upon moving straight on and not looking back. Your alter-ego, your double, your nemesis, shadow, and friend is seeing life through the rearview mirror, completely enwrapped in the diametrically opposite world to the one consciously pursued. The forefront-awareness sustains admirably and avidly its directional instinct for which way is forward from here. Your subconscious shadow-self is equally devoted to seeing, knowing, and instrumenting the backward gaze, the obstructive momentum. Living along this edge hones the sensibility, clarifies things immensely - if ever both ends are claimed, honored, and given their due. It is a challenge and an adventure to be rabidly dual, a karmic crossroads with immense struggle and conflict and power. It contains a deep-down gnawing hunger for resolution and reconciliation and integration, so elusive, so unattainable, and yet so needed and sought in the destiny-reckoning that refuses to stay split, whatever it will take to fuse the bipolar visions into unity.

ARIES 8 Degree - A lizard dressed in blue satin and pointed shoes.

Entertainment, spectacle, self-exteriorization. "I am a lovable object." Taking on roles for fun and frolic. Becoming everything and nothing. Identified with style and finesse. Life as a throwaway. With the desire and intention to get away with a series of extravagant ruses, you are absolutely fascinated by the extent to which nobody can catch you at your favorite game - the juicy portrayal of what everybody wants to see, devoid of conscience or ethic. The ideal amoral opportunist who is loaded with talent and is the world’s best self-exploiter, to a point of a great joke or trick that becomes much more compelling than any real thing.

ARIES 9 Degree - A fat man in a state of reverie smoking a hookah.

Superior to the world. Experienced and sophisticated. Seeing in the future what you have seen in the past at the next point in the spiral. Bored and worldly-wise. Unchallenged by the pace and the wits of others, you are disdainful and haughty. Yet in the center of all this lies as fresh a perception and way of being as the outward husk has grown decadent. Bearing inside new worlds, trumpeting outside your disengagement from old worlds. You walk an edge sharp and dangerous between your impatient dismissal of the past and all worlds linked with the past, and a hunger and yearning for a different world altogether that burns and aches and will not go away. Along that razor’s edge lies destiny. Half-volatile and half-triumphant. These two sides war and collide in a rivalry for who will decide the outcome.

ARIES 10 Degree - Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.

Bondage and freedom sometimes go hand in hand. The bondage is being true to pattern, predictable, caught in habits and tendencies perpetually left to grow like weeds. The freedom is that as you meet yourself starkly in the midst of these old, tired patterns of behavior, you come into touch with a quickening flame of self-recreation, stimulated and forced by being at the mercy of the relentless patterns. This impulse to make yourself over is fervently strong, courageous, ready, and willing. The old stuff dies hard. You are therefore engaged in a pitched battle of a protracted kind between retrogressive and progressive ideals, impulses, and desires. Both sides are so impassioned and sharply intent that this becomes a knockdown, dragout battle of wills. The atavistic backward-leaning will feels immune to change. The visionary forward-thrusting will feels moved by evolutionary forces never to give up. Eventually the future prevails over the past, but not before scars and multiple traumas mark the spot of fighting for your life against an implacable inward enemy who knows it will lose and fights all the harder accordingly.

ARIES 11 Degree - Sunlight illuminating dust in the air.

The marvel is that the observer exerts so strong a presence, yet disappears into the atmosphere. You find yourself to be centrally pivotal, yet subtly underlyingly a pure witness to the objective turn of events. You inhabit the edge between self-will and a higher will. You hold to the sharp borderline between the infinite and the finite, so that you can create yourself anew out of whole cloth. Transformation can take many forms. You are endowed here with power of wishing, the capacity to visualize and imagine whatever comes next. An astounding skill at coming back to life, recreating everything, taking into your self worlds ending and worlds beginning. All is poised within. A way of looking at things that magnifies the wonder and overcomes all of the dross, in a strong quest to find yourself amidst the debris of lost worlds and to salvage the dream and the vision.

ARIES 12 Degree - An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night.

Soul gifts from the morning of the world now turning into treasures untold. A quality of being, a presence, an aura which fills the world. You are the microcosm here and now for so many worlds. There is wonder and awe, discovery and an odd echo of fate. All of this has happened before; nothing is new. A twilight state. The repeated awakenings, and yet still dreaming on. Majestic vistas. So much to conceive. All exists inside. Yet in the secrecy of the heart, no clues are offered. All remains bare and stark.

ARIES 13 Degree - The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry.

The spark of being endures. There are cycles within cycles of inexplicable events, strange happenings, blown contexts. Yet your fiery molten core only comes back stronger. The rage-to-be, coming up against every inhibiting factor that could possibly be drawn in. You have those soul qualities which thrive on crises, emergencies, huge challenges, terrible hurdles. A force which never lets up, yet conceals itself inside the commonplace. The destiny by indirection. Swept away, losing the track, and brought forth to find the track every time. The twists of fate that keep on happening and demand a form of resiliency which then becomes the doorway into wide open spaces that no longer polarize and divide.

ARIES 14 Degree - An apple tree - many rotten apples on the ground around it.

Profligate and prodigal, you are fertile, creative, dynamic. Full of bright ideas. Resourceful and ingenious. Carefree and careless, you concentrate on the spark of the now. Tunnel vision. Your talents and abilities extravagantly displayed. A special knack for individual genius - eccentric and a real character. Ornery. Not really listening. Self-impelled. Tuned in to interests and capacities, tuned out to everything else. You are going forward regardless: "Gotta get there," but the blind spots add up. Reckonings and conflicts. Confronted with what has been denied. Wildly unrepentant. You are the hardest one to convince, yet the one who knew it all along. The advantages and the disadvantages of taking a special angle and following it all the way no matter what.

ARIES 15 Degree - A man with pointed ears.

Super tuned in. The personification and embodiment of what it looks like, feels like, and is like to have an inside track on everything going on around you. Uncanny awareness. You have the gift of getting across new ways of being, different ways of looking at things. Somehow getting away with being so very different that it no longer matters. Hot-wired to wild and uncomfortable truths. You have special radar for undertones and nuances, motivations and signs of what is going on underneath. The direct front row seat upon who the other is and the challenges and opportunities the other brings before you, when you are ready and eager for the encounter and you know you can always find a way to move with absolutely anything that might arise.

ARIES 16 Degree - Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold.

Genius. An extraordinary consciousness in a three-fold sweep of the phases of intelligence, coming into its fullest domain. At first the naive confidence in the mental powers, and in your own ability to know what everyone needs to know and do what everyone needs to do. But later on there creeps in, and always was there hovering, the terrible knowledge that you know nothing, understand even less, and are operating in the dark. This can be terrifying, but is also redemptive in radical measure. Then there comes a synthesis, a cooking up of the raw intelligence into a vital grasp of the essentials in life, and in particular of your own place in this world, with a brilliant awakening to the total design and how your own awareness is perfectly poised in the center to reflect all that is, truly.

ARIES 17 Degree - A bodiless head asleep on the beach.

Cast into exile, sworn to silence. Held to an ancient code to be a watcher, a perfect witness to the inward reverberations of all things. Outward events and experiences are gone, mean nothing here. All that counts is to sense into things, to remember the essence and to know the forgotten worlds. It is a lonely vigil, a strange destiny, with a piquant flavor of sorrow mixed with exultation. What others are happy with is far out of reach, unimaginable. Yet what so many others miss and are put off from is here vividly, vibrantly indwelled every moment, which sweetens the bitter cup and allows the greater task to be taken up with a surrendered will and a quiet, inward repose.

ARIES 18 Degree - A jellyfish.

Neither being one thing nor another. No longer belonging and not yet attaining. You live in limbo and fiercely get ready. This is a very strange predicament. You have no world to be in. The past is over; the future is not yet. The present moment becomes both magical and dreadful. It is dreadful in that nothing ever really happens and you cannot stand it. It is magical in that when you have lost everything and truly have nothing left to lose, you are free. You are free to dream and free to be. You still have no context, no place to plug in. But you are a free agent. Oddly released from pressures, demands, the crossfire of urgent criticality. And in this state, you have one amazing option. If you give this away, if you surrender your sparkling autonomy to the universal life-force, you can turn the world on and make everybody aware that they are free as well.

ARIES 19 Degree - Someone performing trephination.

The head densely holds the patterns of the past as fixed routes. There are points along the journey where everything must be dropped and where all previous experience becomes no longer applicable. You are treated to a destiny-surge of power which obliterates the traces of petty limitation and habitual tracks. A radical departure into the infinite unknown becomes the only way to go. As the ego-mind no longer bears the authority to command and dictate and coerce, vision is released, awareness becomes visceral, everything lights up directly. And as the old carcass is removed, the universal life-force streams in, giving a much brighter angle and leaning to move with. Identity smashed to make room for totality in a fresh and uninhibited expression and embodiment of its call, and in its need for those who can drop everything and tune right in to what wants to emerge here, of itself.

ARIES 20 Degree - An empty courtyard.

Nothing is left. Reality is scattered. Self-obliterated. The familiar rendered irrelevant. Apocalyptic changes, personal and collective, take over. No being, only action. You become a projectile of intent, literally identify with what you can do now. A barren wasteland of an inner world. A thrust outside. Stark and surreal. You feel compelled to dare, pushed over the edge, no going back - destiny as frenzy. And in this wild, volatile mix, creative forces are released that would never come out any other way. Yielding to the role of the purging and cleansing agent of changes, you are unable to wriggle out of anything ever again.

ARIES 21 Degree - Pastel flags fluttering in the breeze.

Calling attention to yourself, making a show of things, demonstrating a path to follow. Strongly urging that others move in the directions you are initiating. Persuasive, insistent, reiterative. Playful and twinkling on the outside but entirely intent on the inside. Pushing and pulling for optimal outcomes. Eloquent, ideological. You tend to be fanatical or zealous, pressing outwards, far outwards. Identified with a style, a sensibility, a progressive evolutionary wave, you are sharply on the spot of pivotal changes. Calling the collective attention to what comes next on the horizon. Greatly gifted with the talents of transmission. Nothing else distracts you from the leitmotif of making the new attractive and sparking encouragement, empowerment, and destiny momentum with elan and utter dedication.

ARIES 22 Degree - Puppets coming alive at night.

The inner worlds can be just as animated, as fully fleshed out, as vivid and vibrant as any outer world could ever hope to match. There are vast kingdoms to explore on the inner. It is all a matter of motivation: if you seek for inward substantiation, you will get it to infinity and beyond. Here you get what you ask for. Everything snowballs. It tests you mightily, in that everything inside comes out. A wish like magic becomes embodied. Being so fertile and ingenious is one of the most demanding possible arenas to put yourself in. Most difficult of all is that if you fear or dread, resist or deny, these too have full power to play themselves out all the way. The inner life becomes the place where everything’s happening, and where you must cultivate your highest and your best, or else be treated to the validation and proof of whatever you put in there coming out again amplified, magnified, completely full-on.

ARIES 23 Degree - A bottle labeled "drink me".

The force of events sweeps away who we thought we were and plunges us to a deeper place beyond the known. The sheer immediacy, the sudden clarity shifts mountains of intent into a different octave altogether. Being taken by storm is the most direct path from here to there. And when cosmic worlds are urgently coming through, the only smart thing is to step aside and make a huge amount of room for unexpected guests, at events you could never have arranged in your wildest dreams.

ARIES 24 Degree - A harp which plays itself.

Joy and freedom are perfect companions along the greater way. Joy celebrates existence with a passion and a power and a fervent insistency. Freedom keeps on opening the context to make it more universal, more resonant, and more karma-free. Moving along this way is a creative feast of self-discovery and exploration of the edges. When selfhood is free to improvise and is open-ended, it is an unqualified blessing. You most especially demonstrate and embody a self-generative style and substance that is wildly needed and inspirationally infused into the collective bloodstream. So that we can get on with innovations and limitless worlds, and feel confident that there is somebody there pioneering the bold reaches forward who is too foolish to stop for anything.

ARIES 25 Degree - A great dragon asleep in a cave.

Storing up for centuries all of the best goodies for the time when they are needed, meanwhile, you are cast loose between source and destination, buffeted by strange winds and held firmly between the ancient past and the near future. Karmically held in the balance. Truly having nothing to do until waiting is fulfilled. But where there is nothing to do, mischief and mayhem proliferate. You participate in karmic scenarios, elaborate dramatizations, variations on the theme of nobody home and nothing happening yet. Supremely restless while deeply restful. If there should come a time when all the signal flares go off and give the go ahead, your stored up power and resources shall prove to be absolutely incredible. From way back when to the promised time, you feel a projectile of intent to hold on no matter what. In a cross between a crazy deal and the purest vows of commitment not to push the river and to wait for the universal waters to flood their banks and bring you back alive, right on time for futures unlimited.

ARIES 26 Degree - The man in the moon smiling.

Living on the edge. Poised at many brinks. Swept up in a tide of changes - chaotic and magnificent. Everywhere at once, you are creative and generative, overwhelmed and overstimulated, but primarily exulting in yourself and your emergent capacities. Falling in love with the dance of destiny you find yourself in. Ecstatic release in being able to catch the spark as it flies. Very fast, very strong, very remarkable, and knowing it.

ARIES 27 Degree - A fun house.

The playground of the world is both wide open and oddly synchronistic. Anybody can go anywhere and do anything. But sometimes you come up against yourself no matter where you look, and you meet your shadows and delusions coming back at you in every form you are desperate to deny. A frenzy pursues stimulus, entertainment, distraction and diversion. And the world arena turns into an hysterical proposition of thematic echoes making the whole journey too obvious, too direct, too brutal. The only postponement tactic left is to devise whole worlds of self-justification and self-vindication, to harbor you just long enough to let you face the raucous feedback loop that is trying to tell you that being a personality on the loose is a great disguise and is not covering your nakedness and never did.

ARIES 28 Degree - A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man.

The soul’s journey is absolutely endless, and you sense throughout that journey that somebody is watching. The Greater Dynamic is at work here and you live into that ultimate aspect from the very beginning. You simply know that your destiny must and will be fulfilled. There is a higher vibrational inside track that accompanies each step, every phase, and that otherness gives you back yourself in such a fashion that you are never alone, not incomplete, never less than whole. All of the vital agitations only serve to quicken the pace, to bring you back on the spiral to that vital place again where you are known and acknowledged, and from which you can go forth and know and acknowledge others in their destiny light - seen and sensed and known, free of all qualifications.

ARIES 29 Degree - Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.

The unconscious mind and the subconscious mind bear seeds of worlds which the conscious mind had yet to penetrate. These worlds can turn from dark to light and back again, but they are there, crying out to be fathomed, accessed, given their part in the dance. It is no longer possible to push into far shadows that part of the light which dwells in darkness. And so you must bring up, playfully or mischievously, candidly or surreptitiously, all of the hidden places. So that nobody can deny how much of our energy and resource indwells the deep and how all of our being longs to be known, to be seen, to be activated, to partake in the dance of life freely.

ARIES 30 Degree - An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys.

Knowing about the things that others would rather pass on by. Absorbed within the excremental, the margins, the cracks. Preoccupied with matters of critical awareness and pragmatic considerations. You somewhat decadently repeat over and again patterns of viewing yourself and others as dysfunctional machines or poorly-put-together bits and pieces. Being so conversant with the little mind that you are a walking encyclopedia of trivia, having made it your business to specialize in determining what has gone wrong, what is the problem here. Ultimately and essentially, playing back variations on one’s self-image as being offcourse and hopelessly wrong-headed. Given to exaggerated negative impressions. At times even condemning self and world to being unworthy and unredeemable.

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