Aries Monthly Career Horoscope

Tracking resources brings benefits this month. A lunar eclipse on May 15 lights up your area of credit and debt, and you might have some hurdles to jump to access the funds you need. It’s time to think creatively and consider new ways to grow your business. This might mean doing some crowdfunding, talking to friends and family about investing, or writing a formal business plan to present to angel investors.

On the nineteenth, the sun in your house of money trines Pluto in your house of career. This is an excellent day to ask for a raise or, if you own a business, raise your prices. You could start a side business or launch a new website. Aries, this is a good day to remind yourself that you know what you’re doing. You can move forward with confidence.

The new moon is on May 30, and communication is highlighted for the next two weeks. This might mean you’re updating your resume, beefing up your online profile, or writing for a professional publication. Let others know that you’re looking to move up in your career. You could get a job interview and even an offer very soon.

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