Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

If it’s been a while since you met someone you really clicked with, September 1 could be your lucky day. As passionate Mars sextiles mind-expanding Jupiter, you have plenty of new romantic opportunities to pursue. Other fire signs are great matches for you now, especially an adventurous Sagittarius who loves to compete.

On the tenth, a full moon appears in your prayer and meditation zone, so taking quiet time to analyze and reflect on your dreams, visions and fantasies will help you find the path you should be walking along. Once you address the things that are holding you back, you can finally give yourself permission to move forward.

The solar shift that comes from the sun leaving inflexible Virgo for light, airy Libra on September 22 is very obvious and welcome. If you’ve been feeling claustrophobic lately, you can breathe a lot easier now. You’re single, Aries, so fly and be free. Nothing’s holding you back.

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