Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

If you’ve been obsessing about someone lately, you’ll be glad to know that you’re unlikely to be emotionally tied to just one person as beautiful Venus starts her journey through your combustible sign on May 2. This fast-moving transit encourages you to act on your impulses and explore all romantic opportunities that come your way.

You’re into making new connections and having exciting adventures during the outgoing Mars-Uranus sextile on the fourth, and you aren’t afraid to make changes if you think they will benefit you. A lot of signs get stuck in ruts, but you usually don’t, especially during a spontaneous aspect like this.

Your spicy sign starts hosting giant Jupiter when it leaves shy Pisces on May 10, encouraging you not to limit yourself when it comes to love. This is an ideal time to test your personal power and see what you’re capable of, Aries. It’s probably a lot more than you think!

On the twenty-fourth, your courageous leader Mars starts soaking up your exciting sign’s energy, leading you to make some incredibly bold moves. And you really don’t care who’s watching now because your confidence reminds you it just doesn’t matter.

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