Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

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Even if you aren’t in your ideal romantic situation right now, the patient Taurus sun helps you be okay with taking a slow and steady approach to love at the beginning of the month. Even though you want more, you aren’t in such a rush for once.

Loving Venus is also paired up with practical Taurus, but she partners with air sign Gemini on May 8, and you might start to notice some subtle changes taking place. Your new perspective on love and relationships is a lot more casual now, and you have a “whatever happens, happens” attitude.

Your assertive ruler Mars trines dreamy Neptune in creative Pisces, the sign it rules, on the thirty-first, helping you get into an emotionally sensitive vibe. You get along best with people who are emanating the same energy as you are now: charming, powerful, and compassionate.

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