Aries 2021 Love Horoscope

Though your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities has not been a House of Power for a few years now, I expect your social life to improve dramatically this year. The main blockage to love in the past few years has been your own low self-esteem and overly serious outlook on life. Perhaps this caused you to project a cold, unloving vibration. Perhaps you were stand-offish, or felt invisible barriers between you and others. None of this helped your love life. Happily this is changing with Jupiter moving into Aries on 13th February and with Saturn leaving on 1st March.

This period – from 13th February to 1st March – will mark a turning point in your whole life – as well as your love life. You will feel the Cosmic gears start to shift. You project more warmth and optimism. People who were previously put off by your cool demeanour now re-evaluate you.

Yes, your personal glamour and charm are going to be strong this year, but will this translate into marriage or a serious relationship? Not necessarily. You will be very attractive, for sure. There will be abundant romantic opportunities, for definite. But marriage seems a matter of free will. Many of you will feel that you want to enjoy your newfound freedom to play the field, to explore what is out there.

The power in your 11th House (of Friends, Group Activities and Fondest Wishes) this year – and for many years to come – reinforces this. You seem more interested in friendships – which are loose and non-committal – than in serious romance. Many new – and exciting – friends will come into your life this year.

All of the above relates to those who have never been married. If you are thinking of a second marriage, this is very likely this year. Serious romance is speeding towards you like a freight train. The relationship will move quickly. Your horoscope indicates that the loved one in question might be foreign or someone from a different culture – highly educated, refined, almost like a mentor or guide. He or she is either rich or lives a rich lifestyle. Looks like a lot of fun.

Those working towards a third marriage also meet with opportunities, but your love life is complicated and unstable and also very exciting. Love comes suddenly and can end just as suddenly. Just when you despair of ever meeting Mr or Ms right, pum! – there he or she is. Not a good idea, though, to rush into anything. Don’t commit until you’re sure.

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