Aries Monthly Horoscope

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Get ready to slow down and turn within, Aries! While the onset of the month puts a great deal of focus on your finances and prosperity, as you get closer to the end of May, you could feel as if the world is slowing to a halt.

The most important lunation in the year to budget, assess your money matters, and take steps toward increasing your wealth is the new moon in your solar second house on May 11. This might bring an opportunity for a raise, new job, or lucrative client, but it’s up to you to pursue your goal no matter what.

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For months you’ve been enjoying Jupiter’s dance in your solar eleventh house, bringing joy to your friendships and network. However, on the thirteenth, Jupiter enters Pisces and dives into your subconscious and helps to enhance your intuition. This transit encourages you to grow the spiritual side of your life in the months ahead.

Next to note is a mighty lunar eclipse that falls in your solar ninth house of expansion on May 26. A destined moment around an academic, media, or international matter could be ready to culminate before the world. No matter what, use this time to make a bold decision about how you can move toward new horizons.

Last to note is the onset of Mercury retrograde on the twenty-ninth. Prepare for a slower pace and, above all, don’t rush agreements in the weeks to come.

Standout days: 12, 17, 26
Challenging days: 8, 22, 27

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