Aries 2021 Horoscope

This year marks the beginning of a two-year period of focused energy, allowing you to create a structure that supports your sense of self and allows for greater stability. Career opportunities, advancement, and recognition can result if you’re putting forth the effort, but you may feel thwarted by situations from the past that seem to hold you back. By satisfying the requirements set before you, you can achieve more than you may have dreamed possible.
Several important cycles are centered around Aries this year. The planet Saturn enters Aries in April, where he remained for three years. Additionally, the eclipses of the Sun and Moon during 2021 are in the Aries/Libra axis. These two cycles together indicate a need to carefully examine your life, and may mark a year of increased stress or crisis. However, these experiences are not necessarily negative, and frequently bring an end to situations that finally have reached a point of resolution. You have more control over the circumstances for these resolutions and can be the engineer for creative changes as a result of a positive application of these energies.
Jupiter’s transit during 2021 is in the sign of Capricorn for the entire year, highlighting your solar 10th house. This facet of your life deals with ambitions for success and you may discover significant opportunities to create and realize that success. Opening your horizons is an important element of this cycle, and you can use this energy to broaden your influence and improve your professional reputation.
Your expectations are High, and others also may have high hopes for your success. If you fall short of prerequisites for a position or advancement, you may be able to combine moving forward with developing your credentials. In fact, your work can support you (such as having an employer help pay tuition). But if your attitude is one of impertinence, this cycle can work against you.
It also is tempting to over-obligate your time or energy under this influence. This is usually a result of underestimating a situation, so look carefully before you leap into what appears to be that golden opportunity, to discover if it’s laced with hidden problems! Relationships with superiors and parents can improve under this influence, and will gain momentum if you make the effort to show your gratitude to those who act as guides and mentors. But watch a tendency to become too self-involved or egocentric during this period, since this focus can result in a situation blowing up in your face, just when you thought nothing could go wrong. With awareness and high levels of integrity, this can be a year of significant progress.
Solar eclipses on April 17 and October 12 mark periods of increasing awareness of your personal needs and also may stimulate a careful examination of your close relationships. If you’re involved in a partnership or marriage, this is a good year to examine your roles and determine where you are or are not comfortable. By expressing your needs more honestly, you can pave the way for a more satisfying interaction. You finally may feel ready to achieve a balance in your life that allows you to meet more of your needs to feel wholly alive.
Achieving wholeness is the focal point of this cycle, and you are challenged to bring harmony to all aspects of your life—physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Health concerns can escalate during this phase, particularly if you’ve been ignoring your physical needs. A physical problem that was once just a bother, if left unchecked, can become a real headache.
You can resolve problems now if you’re willing to make the effort necessary to change habits or attitudes. But an aspect of your psyche may resist these changes, since you could have some of your freedoms limited. Self-destructive behaviors or attitudes, masquerading as freedom, are better left behind.

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