Aries January 2021 Horoscope

A beautiful energy energizes you until the 6th, enough to meet professional challenges that are waiting for you under the powerful effect of the cluster in Capricorn Sun until the 19th, Mercury until the 8th and Pluto all month long.

Your finances occupy your mind, Mars, your planet, tumbles in Taurus from the 7th to the 31st and comes to awaken your interest for your money especially that which is related to your profession. From the 20th, there is room for your projects, your friends and your desire for expansion! Your nature should appreciate these energies resolutely turned towards the future. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius boost the first decan by offering a beautiful anchoring and a superb evolution! Neptune still titillates your intimate life, second decan, a desire for introspection? This month foreshadows challenges and a long-term vision.

Love in General:
The first week your emotional life is favored by Mars at home and by Venus in Sagittarius: passion! Release the pressure in your professional affairs to devote yourself to those of the heart and it will all be beneficial. From the 9th, your socio professional destiny takes over as well as the desire to increase your income. And love in all this?

In a relationship:
Friendly until the 9th, you invest so that your other half is filled. The rest of the month is more complex, the energies are focused on your career and your wallet, nothing obvious for your couple. Mars in Taurus awakens your libido a bit enough to compensate for your lack of availability?

Your social sector could facilitate a meeting that engages your feelings especially until the 9th. Beyond that your carnal desires will be clear, foreshadowing a romance less sentimental but rather carnal. Mars, your planet, in Taurus from the 7th to the 31st, allows your intimate nature to arise and it can help you make a wise choice.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month is frankly focused on your professional social destiny! Beginning of the year starts with fanfare for you! Tailored as you are to face the challenges of life, the sky challenges you and you feel the soul of a warrior!

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