Aries March 2021 Horoscope

Sweet introspection and the taking of personal power! The Sun in Pisces until the 20th and Venus in the same sign until the 2nd favors your inner life and softens your emotional life, if necessary. You could oscillate between saying things with brute frankness or quieting things down with pure modesty. Your planet, Mars, in Gemini from the 5th, boosts your personality.

Your leadership qualities and fighting spirit are increased! Venus is in your sign on the 22nd, your charisma is powerful while Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius favor your projects and your friendships. An eye on your income is asked by Uranus in Taurus, its effects are unpredictable, first decan. From the 21st, the Sun enters your home, your light shines!

Love in General:
An unusual sentimental shyness to your intimate personality may require you to review your tender cards! Venus in Pisces until the 21st and Mars in Gemini from the 5th, offer an emotional tension that you will have to work with! Your ardent desires and the expression of your feelings play hide-and-seek. Wait until the 22nd to enjoy love with a capital L.

In a relationship:
Your temper all fire all flame, will be patient until the 21st. You are reserved or silent, your partner could imagine the worst, but reassure them! Then, passion consumes you as of the 22nd, you are everything to your relationship and all for your mutual love. On the program, strong desires and lively, demonstrative feelings, you are happy!

Mars allows you to exceed yourself and you are capable of modifying your emotional life! Your social melting pot will be your source of predilection from which you could find a brand new love! Do not confuse dynamism and haste if you want to hold the object of your conquest in your arms.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month comes in two separate periods for you: before the 21st and after. Before, get ready, choose your words and your behaviors wisely and then take action with accuracy and enthusiasm. Be aware of money, stabilize yourself!

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