Aries May 2021 Horoscope

Financial affairs are in line of sight and relationships are important! Until the 20th, the Sun in Taurus emphasizes the importance for your sign of questions related to money, increase or decrease? Mars, your planet, in Cancer all month square to your sign, invites you to worry about your home, your family, obligatory adjustments, and disagreements? Choose construction rather than aggression! Saturn continues to promote your social life and your projects, second decan. Jupiter brings its last touch to these same sectors because from the 14th this planet arrives in Pisces and invites you to relax. From the 21st, the energies of Gemini harmoniously connected to your sign, offer great relationship opportunities and a dynamic and positive morale! The end of the month resonates well with your temperament, welcome these heavenly promises!

Love in General:
Your love life looks a bit complex between strong desires that are not always easy to express and feelings that are sometimes too possessive and sometimes too light. You love with passion but the monthly climate does not invite you to do so. Invest your energy in what is tangible, a home perhaps or an existing relationship? Otherwise, wait until the 21st to seduce!

In a relationship:
If your couple is doing well, the atmosphere of the month could be cocooning with many outings together, in full complicity! Otherwise, some delicate old issues may resurface and tarnish your agreement. After the 20th, your humor and your communicative dynamism work wonders!

Mars boosts your desire to marry but in an excessive way. Do not confuse seduction with a stronghold! A cluster in Gemini, from the 20th, facilitates your contacts and your meetings, allowing you to materialize an emotional affair. Your social melting pot opens your arms, someone you like hides there perhaps?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The departure of Jupiter as of the 13th announces, for your sign, a moment of retirement, the luck does not escape you but becomes more secretive, as in preparation. Zero stress, zero fear! You like the challenge, perfect!

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