Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries is not considered to be a good position for the native. It make the native aggressive, often feelings of personal frustration. Such people face many problems in expressing themselves in front of others, and probably aren’t even good with exploring their inner feelings. They feel resistant and trapped while exploring their feelings. It is common for Saturn in Aries to fearful of meeting new people and entering new situations.

Natives with Saturn in Aries are often shy, lack self confidence and find it difficult to convince others with their thoughts. Such people are vulnerable to attack and suffer a lot of bullying taunts over their appearance, resulting in lack of self assurance. There might be times when the native have to go through some feelings of loneliness or depression, until they become enough capable to face the outer world with courage.Such people become aggressive and nasty as they grow up, and possess a lot of energy and active attitude which turn then callous and harsh at times. Such people are highly adventurous and likes to live an independent life.

The native of Saturn in Aries possesses a strong mind but can be a bit snobbish in their approach. Such people lack understanding wit and could be seen dominating till the extent of ignoring and hurting people towards the emergence of conflicts. Such people often lead an unhappy life because of their crude nature. Obstacles are likely to may block progress causing a lot of anxiety. People with Saturn in Aries create a sense of responsibility for oneself. Such people do not like taking risks and appear to be with with low self confidence.

There is a possibility of missing out on some opportunities due to their cautious nature. Such people choose their battle themselves and face the necessary ones with courage. They often low thinking that are not capable of achieving their goals, but then, they often don’t ask. They may be shy or withdrawn and are afraid of failure and rejection. Such people share a frustrating relationship with their inner self, resulting in inner conflicts may cause them to seek to understand themselves.

Saturn in Aries can cause good concentration and reasoning skills. Natives may be a bit suspicious of those who have high authorities. Such people may try to force their ideas of right and wrong on others, and expect them to accept it. They have an innate need to be in control of every situation. Such people need skills in self-sufficiency and self-reliance to succeed and to develop a nice social persona to help them overcome the feelings of self-doubt or fear. Such people should learn to understand the worth of every situation. The skill of deciding which opportunities are worth the time needed will lead them to success or ruin.

Physical exercise is important for people with Saturn in Aries to ward off circulatory issues. Such individuals are prone to congestion which can cause headaches due to the restricted flow of blood. They should also drink enough water to flush out their kidneys to prevent related problems.

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