Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries makes the native energetic, romantic, passionate, and cozy in relationships. Such people thrive on initiating new relationships, and do not shy from making bold proposals. People usually find their idea of approach innocent softens the reserve of more guarded types. They respect you for your honesty and wisdom. They lust for a contagious life, and always look for a dynamic partner. They guard their independence, and would never do anything just for the sake of a relationship.

People with Venus in Aries have the ability to bring a childlike romance to a relationship. They are very active and energetic when it comes to convey their love to their partners. Such people do not appreciate a vague or coy relationship. They love the chase and initial conquest of a relationship. In order to grab their attention, you need to innovate things constantly to keep it new and fresh. They prefer to have a partner who is open and honest with them. They don’t like playing games unless they’re having fun in it. Spontaneity is the key to keep them alive and going. Such people like to be a leader and often end up being an dominant in a relationship.

People with Venus in Aries like to compete with their own partners and friends and enjoy it to the extent of hurting the other one. They don’t like to lose when competing for someone’s affections, and when they lose, they may get irritated or moody. Such people are very impulsive and can easily be attracted to many types of people. They get bored easily, and can lose interest just as quickly as they fell in love. Such people are affectionate, but are not afraid to stand up for themselves once they get hurt by their partners. When paired with a shy person, they can be a bit overwhelming. They like to have a little tension in a relationship to keep the excitement going.

In friendship, people with Venus in Aries likes to be the alpha personality among their group of friends. They are generous, exciting and confident. Such people are honest and direct, and won’t try to manipulate the situation for their own benefit. They have do not have much patience to tackle people with self-pity and insecurity. Such people are often admired because of their independence, confidence and sheer energy. They have a lust for a happening life makes them attractive. They get easily turned off when asked to analyze a relationship or read a mind.

This is too much digging into the mind for this sign, they rather prefer to be active and dynamic. Venus in Aries can make a person little patience and tolerance, they can find that everyone does not get bored too soon with them.

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